Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Tilley Fire Equipment offers inspection, repair, and installation of specialized systems to protect critical areas of your building or manufacturing process. We offer solutions for your kitchen cooking line and ventilation systems, computer rooms, paint booths and localized systems for machinery and equipment.


Wet Chemical Systems

Class K agent for cooking appliance ventilation systems in kitchens; these systems are installed and maintained per UL 300 standards.

Dry Chemical Systems

Class ABC or BC type systems to protect your paint booth or specialized process in your industrial setting.

CO2 Systems

Engineered systems designed around specialized process or machinery.

FM 200/ FE 25 Systems

Pre Engineered and Engineered systems designed to cover sensitive electronic equipment and rooms.

suppression system effectiveness
Fire Starts = 0 secondsSystem Activated = 15 secondsFire Out = 17.4 seconds

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